Relationship Talks with Rick and Namon

Until Next Time…

April 22, 2021 Rick and Namon Episode 52
Until Next Time…
Relationship Talks with Rick and Namon
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Relationship Talks with Rick and Namon
Until Next Time…
Apr 22, 2021 Episode 52
Rick and Namon

On the final episode of Relationship Talks with Rick and Namon, we take a moment to reflect on the journey it has been, our unique relationship, and why we initially started. We want to thank everyone that has listened and been a part of the podcast in any way. Your support is much appreciated. You can still find Rick @Doddsism and Namon @IAmTheDjBlue.

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On the final episode of Relationship Talks with Rick and Namon, we take a moment to reflect on the journey it has been, our unique relationship, and why we initially started. We want to thank everyone that has listened and been a part of the podcast in any way. Your support is much appreciated. You can still find Rick @Doddsism and Namon @IAmTheDjBlue.

Richard Dodds  0:00  
This is relationship talks with Rick and naman. I'm Rick and he is I am the DJ blue.

Namon  0:05  
No, I am the DJ.

Richard Dodds  0:09  
That's what I say.

Namon  0:09  
I am not I am the DJ but you are I am the DJ blue.

Richard Dodds  0:13  
That's who you are. You are I know.

Namon  0:15  
I am the DJ blue. That's

Richard Dodds  0:17  
who you are. That's what I said.

Namon  0:19  
No, I am is what I'm saying. I am not I am the DJ blue. But I'm telling you I am the DJ blue.

Richard Dodds  0:26  
But I thought the whole thing was I am the DJ blue. 

Namon  0:29  
It's I am the DJ blue. 

Richard Dodds  0:32  
Okay, so I am the DJ. Whoo. I am. Okay. All right. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is episode52. And 

Namon  0:43  
I am the DJ blue.

Richard Dodds  0:44  
He is the DJ blue. And this is gonna be our last episode for the foreseeable future. So Namon

Namon  0:56  
What's up? 

Richard Dodds  0:57  
You remember when we first started, we started doing this podcasting we started

Namon  1:02  

Richard Dodds  1:03  
Do you remember why we started because I was trying to somebody asked me not that long ago, they said, why did why did you guys start? How did this start?

Namon  1:12  
Well, I mean, I believe he tried to market my success as a speaker. I don't know it's your drive. That's how it started. I thought about it. I agreed to it. And and that's what we did. I mean, honestly, I can't I can't think of any other way. How would have started.

Richard Dodds  1:33  
I know we had to a pilot to a different one like years before before the podcast boom. And I kind of wish we had really got it going back then. But thinking about it. When we first started out. We started out with a Yeti mic in the middle of a table and we both sat on opposite sides of the Yeti mic.

Namon  1:49  
I know like hobos. I feel so poor thinking about that man.

Richard Dodds  1:54  
And it's like probably if y'all been listening since the beginning, you'll notice that our sound quality has changed because we just upgraded equipment as we went, we went to the condenser mics, and then I upgraded to the dynamic mics on the board. And Shiloh still is in the background to squeaking his toy. He wasn't playing with this toy till we started recording. 

Namon  2:11  
Right? He wants to be a part of this. 

Richard Dodds  2:12  
He really does. He's like, Yo, y'all can't leave me out of this episode. But we started to upgrade our equipment. And I remember when when you and I we first talked about upgrading equipment when we went to the first set of mics and the interface. The big thing I set aside, man, like if we're gonna spend any money on this, we at least have to do 52 episodes.

Namon  2:32  
I don't remember that. But I mean, more or less, you probably get that written down somewhere. 

Richard Dodds  2:37  
You know?

Namon  2:40  
You got to know, we're gonna do 52 episodes, mark that

Richard Dodds  2:44  
mark that at least I said at least two episodes. Yeah. So you know, like, just getting started. I know, the main driving force. The reason why I wanted to do a podcast with you is because of our relationship. 

Namon  2:55  

Richard Dodds  2:56  
I mean, I if you've listened to the episodes, you probably everybody probably knows at this point. I mean, I'm in our cousins, but he's more. He's more like my brother.

Namon  3:03  
Oh. Let me get alone. Like it's all it's all sweet. It's all funny games. dilla brother eggs for like two grand like, What's up, bro?

Richard Dodds  3:16  
I'm, I'm gonna have to talk to my secretary. So yeah.

Namon  3:20  
Mom and Dad. Let's get this checkup. Great. I need a couple bands.

Richard Dodds  3:26  
But I just remember the idea of us having a podcast. It's just because we're so goofy. A lot of times we'll be out in public just joking around and a lot of people will be standing around watching us joke around so

Namon  3:36  
you'd be joking. I'd be serious. You, you I'll be laughing but I'd be I'd be dead serious.

Richard Dodds  3:43  
A lot of stuff that you say you'll be serious. You'd be funny.

Namon  3:47  
I can't help it. Man. This is a imbalance and some chemical imbalance.

Richard Dodds  3:52  
I'm just trying to the only thing that I don't remember is how we actually came up with relationship talks. I think maybe I was telling you something about a relationship that I was in countering and you started making fun of me and I was oh, we should just do a podcast about it.

Namon  4:04  
I mean, honestly, that's legitimately every conversation. I don't recall the conversation where we weren't talking about one of your feeling oh my goodness. I didn't mean to say feeling one of your feeling relationship? Um, nah, I would say whoo. Oh, between the two of us. We have interesting experiences. And we articulate our experiences between each other. And it sounds interesting to us. You know what I mean? Because me personally, I know I'm a hard person. Like when it comes to keeping my attention. You understand what I'm saying? So 

Richard Dodds  4:43  
I know you and a lot of squirrel. 

Namon  4:46  
Exactly. But I mean, I can talk to you all day without getting kind of boring. You know what I mean? Because I know where your vibes are. I know the type of stuff you'd like. So we could talk about the same stuff, whether it's technology or anything like that. that or, or, you know, females and you're feeling in relation to myself? Am I feeling really?

Richard Dodds  5:08  
We both need successful relationship?

Namon  5:10  
I'm looking for one man, I'm looking for one always

Richard Dodds  5:14  
so. So we say would you say that you achieved the things that you wanted to achieve from doing this podcast? 52 episodes together?

Namon  5:23  
I think I told you this before you said, you said you want to revisit this conversation. I'm like, you know, only thing I wanted to achieve was just talking to my cousin. That's basically it. 

Richard Dodds  5:34  

Namon  5:34  
that's, that's legitimate. That's the only thing so I mean, I never had any expectations. I never honestly, I honestly, I barely showed up. I mean, because the that's that's how it is. I don't have to, you know, change the way I talk. I don't have to wait, you know, be anything different. I'm having a conversation with my curse.

Richard Dodds  5:55  
And I felt like we probably could have had a lot we probably would have had most of these conversations anyway.

Namon  6:01  
Oh, 110% I mean, we have had those conversations. I mean, everything that we've talked about, I'm sure we've talked about at least once or we we've had a situation or I mean like I say personally I don't I don't talk about anything unless you know I have some type of experience on it and any whether it be experiences emotional physical, or what have you. You know, that's that's what we do.

Richard Dodds  6:26  
And we just brought some friends along the way we've made some really I feel like we made some really good connections to different people through this platform. And yeah, it kind of went a lot different than than I thought it would you know, cuz I thought you know, who I thought were Listen, ended up not being who listened. I feel like a lot of people appreciate it hearing to male's perspective and it's like, we're always open and honest. And I always say like, we're like the cake and icing like I bring in like just the regular information and he's had that icing on top. Sprinkles like chocolate ice and

Namon  7:02  
strawberry and analogy. Okay. I can't say that that analogy is cool. Well,

Richard Dodds  7:07  
why don't you say that to people? You want to be ice cream? No, I

Namon  7:12  
don't want to be anything. Why would you even be like Ninja Turtles or some like, you know, oh, Raphael Nardo? You could be anybody. You could be missing timberland.

Richard Dodds  7:25  
It could be ice cream. Oh, man. You could be puffy

Namon  7:29  
and mace like anything. Would you say? cake and ice? Okay, can I say no?

Richard Dodds  7:37  
No, no, no.

Namon  7:38  
No. I mean, anything Starsky and Hutch, like you could have said, legitimately any great pair.

Richard Dodds  7:47  
As funny. As it sounds when I start offering you food as the times when you're keto. I have like a manual you want to cook, you're about to go get some cookies. And you're like, dude, I'm keto. Exactly. No, no, I'm talking about cake and ice and

Namon  7:59  
cake and icing, which I'm fine with this. Yeah, I have I have willpower. Yeah. Richard. Oh, let's get back to the topic, your relationship. Back to the topic of the relationship talks.

Richard Dodds  8:12  
You know, for me, I just really the the thing that I really wanted to get from this is that one, I want to spend time with my cousin. Yeah. And to really want to learn to just

Namon  8:21  
exit out really good has just been variable. I felt like that was one of a couple podcasts to hang out with me. I think everybody listening, you probably think that's kind of creepy.

Richard Dodds  8:34  
I think that was like one of the things that I didn't like about it just because instead of us hanging out for fun, it almost felt like work when we hung out. So if I had to say it was one if it was one thing that I didn't like, I felt like at one point in time, like the way that I am, I'm crazy. Like you got it, we got to record these episodes, we got to do this and this and that. And I felt like it kind of started to strengthen our relationship a little bit. So it was a time where it's like, I really don't want to do this anymore. Just because I just want to spend time with my cousin talking to my cousin and without worrying about it being content.

Namon  9:04  
And realistically, it didn't bother me at all.

Richard Dodds  9:11  
Like we just talking to him

Namon  9:12  
is the thing. I don't that my thing is my daily basis is just chilling and honestly like a huge part of my day you talk to you, I ask you questions. You know, I confide in you and stuff like that. So, I mean, for me personally, it is what it is, you know, it didn't bother me I enjoyed it didn't I mean yet took up my time. And you know, most cases I didn't want to do it. But for me personally, I knew you wanted to do it. I know you. You know you got the drive and I know what you're trying to build and I know what you're trying to succeed and even if I don't want to help you even at times I'm like dude is a jerk. I don't I don't want to do this. I mean pulled through. I appreciate you coming through. Yeah, I'm gonna present I mean, I will do it any day like I tell everybody you use a nerd. You do face us a nerd but I defend you and always get you

Richard Dodds  10:13  
to talk about me and you'll be the first one to defend me. Oh,

Namon  10:17  
I mean, this guy's gonna talk about just gonna be me saying nobody

Richard Dodds  10:19  
gonna call him a nerd unless it's me

Namon  10:22  
nobody's gonna feed him unless

Richard Dodds  10:24  
it's Yeah, so I just the main thing I really wanted to get out of this other than spending time with you was just learning how this goes and how to operate and I feel like I've spent so much time mark or not even marketing but just networking with other podcasters you know, we may we met some good other podcasters like cancer. Dr. Sadi Let me see who else Kendra. I'm probably missing a bunch because there's so many people we talk to. Yeah, the buffalo leases. Yeah. And, and if I missed anybody, you know, it was that that line or that big sign? It's like It's like trying to thank everybody. Mallory, and then oh, yeah, Mallory and Shannon. Yep. And now we can't. We can't forget David Maverick

Namon  11:10  
we had we had to have one. Loose, bright green cane. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah.

Richard Dodds  11:19  
A lot of people. Is this so many? Princess Kate, probably a princess Kay. And Ivana. Yeah, yeah. I know, it's been a lot of head. It's been a bunch of people who came through and I mean, even people who haven't necessarily been on the show, just being able to talk to people and network people network with other podcasts even though we some of us never got to actually do a project together. But it's just so many people that we've talked to kind of so much good feedback from people from all of you who listen, just being able to talk to you on a regular basis on our Instagram, because that's the main vehicle that we use getting to talk to people on Instagram and see what people think and just kind of moving the show in that direction that help people because I feel like just hearing like one story or somebody saying like, Oh, that's really good insight. And it changed the way that I thought about a certain subject. I feel like that's like Mission accomplished. You know what I'm saying? Like, if we can give somebody some perspective, that just means a lot to me. Yeah. And yeah, so from doing this, like I've helped other people with their podcasts I helped them refine their podcast and it's just so much that I've learned over a year you think a year it's not that long of time, but do you think about nine months nine months a baby can can be born

Namon  12:29  
a nest that's the that's the example Yeah, that's the one one major example so many things happen in the span of nine months. That thing okay, but I

Richard Dodds  12:42  
mean life is pretty significant you think about like life can go from being a C to actual baby

Namon  12:49  
again with the baby now what's going on here mister Are you pregnant? Is this bit you do episodes and I'm like I don't know why is why all these baby references I mean, cuz you get baby fever now I just know

Richard Dodds  13:12  
some hair so me and my friends are pregnant right now.

Namon  13:16  
That's crazy. Look at you. You feel like you're always the bridesmaid. never the bride.

Richard Dodds  13:21  
No, right? No babies.

Namon  13:25  
No babies coming out. Go back to that single mom. Silo. Shout out to Lisa she said he looked like a single mom and those photos you said that I like

Namon  13:44  
his little bonnet on y'all don't see the movies though. This dude got he got Gucci. Ferragamo, Moo Moo.

Richard Dodds  13:55  
Like that. So the thing that I feel like, a lot of times is that Mayweather came out on the show or not just on life. A lot of times we'll be talking about stuff and name and we'll have like the greatest insight but he will say it in such a jerk kind of way.

Namon  14:12  
Jericho, you mean honest. Realistic, it'd

Richard Dodds  14:16  
be such a jerk about the way that he says it. But then like when you sit down and you process it after you've gotten over the install. I was like, dang. I mean, I was actually pretty deep and insightful. Because I mean, like, you know, we'll go back to the mirror episode, you know? You know me so well. Like, I feel like you and I know each other better than pretty much anybody else on this earth. Yeah. And a lot of times, it could be like something little and like, we'll both like you could do something. You can say something a certain way and I will know something's wrong with you. Yeah. And vice versa. I could just do something I'd be like I'll find like, Richard, you are not like I hearing your voice.

Namon  14:57  
I just ignore it. I mean, I don't have I don't have time for that. Like, I'm gonna be like, I'm off today. I'll have time for that nonsense.

Richard Dodds  15:07  
I'm dealing with my own.

Namon  15:08  
I mean, and I'll be dealing with it, I'll be trying not to deal with nothing, you know? And then and then my thing is this, I don't like it when you know, you talk to people in any way, like, I

Namon  15:17  
don't want to talk about it. That's that single mom stuff. I'm talking about you. Sometimes you wanna you want to talk about it, but you don't want to talk about it. That's the thing. But don't let nobody notice what's happening. Don't know.

Namon  15:33  
What's going on nothing, man. I don't want to you Do you know what, man? It's just a lot going on? Oh, I don't want to talk.

Richard Dodds  15:48  
I mean, a lot of times, you know, I mean, I cannot even be dramatic about it. I could be like, real low key about it. And I might not even know something's going on. Like, something's wrong, because you're not being yourself. Yeah. And you can just call me out. And sometimes you made me do self respect, self reflecting data. And a lot of times you I feel like, the good thing about you is that you will hope I mean, I feel like I do the same thing to you. But we will hold each other accountable. Yeah. About the things that we do. And I didn't know that were happening. Like, do you knew that was gonna happen?

Namon  16:19  
Right? I mean, but like I say, I mean, I analyze that, because we both we both analyze that about each other. Yeah. And that's one thing. I think that, you know, that's the reason why we click on that level is because, you know, most of the time, we both we believe the same logic when it comes to, you know, being nice to people or, um, you know, just wanting other people to do well just for wanting them to do well. So when we go through different situations with other people, it's easy to say to you, like, dang, like, this is what's going on? And then you'd be like, alright, well, I'm looking from the outside. So he like, alright, well, you know, we've seen this before, you know what I mean? So, it's easy to kind of, like, reflect my patterns off of our own experiences, because like, we've dealt with the same stuff. And we've seen a lot of the same stuff, you know, whether it's, you know, from family and things like that, or just, you know, just living life there.

Richard Dodds  17:17  
100%. And that's funny, you talk about just want people to do well, and one of the things that I feel like I've learned and it's been reinforced, is that you can't want somebody to see more than they want to succeed themselves. Yeah. So there's only so much you can do for somebody to help them to try to see them succeed. A certain point, you can't push them to, to see success. Yes. Let's see. So you can't push someone to success? Yeah, um, a lot of times they have don't want to be successful for themselves. And I feel like it's been times where I've expended a lot of energy trying to help someone when they don't necessarily, they might take the help, and they might appreciate the help, but they might not be ready for the help for sure. So just learning when to give yourself because anytime that I give my energy to someone else's times that I'm taking away from the stuff that I'm trying to build, and given that energy that I should be building something for myself. Yeah. And I'm using it for somebody else. Yeah. And that's like, this is my nature. And like, sometimes you have to catch me just because I will get distracted on somebody else's dream, and I will neglect my own. But just because I just want to see, I just I genuinely want to see people do well.

Namon  18:32  
Yeah. And, but and, and so that's a good thing. However, we all like I say, we've talked about this before, and even in doing well. And you have to also make sure that you know, they're feeding your castle, you know, to me, like you're building their castle, their emotional tent, you're, you're building their emotional awareness, you're building all this good stuff for them. And then, you know, at the end of the day, you're powerful, you're strong, obviously, you just built the castle. All right, but your castle is sitting over there looking all you know, ready to be built as well. And as it's nice and dry, right? It just needs some amazing DIY little little spackle, you know, little spackle somewhat, you know, but, and if they can't do that, that's hard. And that's why you know, like I say, when you can see someone's not doing that, because you can easily see that. Yeah, you can see that so Me Me personally, I can easily look and say yes, this ain't going right. You know what I'm saying? Because we both we both been through this and it's a feeling that we both get. And like I say it's like a mirror almost.

Richard Dodds  19:35  
I mean, we just have to sometimes we just have to call each other each other out because we will we both tend to to try to deny and try not to recognize the things that's going on in our lives. It's easy to deny and we might be like, Oh, I'm fine and maybe like me like you're tired bro. You have no energy you've been giving everybody else stuff like was the last time you worked on your stuff and it's like It's those times that we do that because, you know, like everybody, anybody that you're involved with, it's like, they're cool. And you know, like, once you bring them around, they're cool 100% their family, whatever. But more so then you might be worried that focus on them or worried about them, but I'm focused and worried about you because you my brother, exactly. So and it goes vice versa. So it's like, whenever I brought somebody around, it's like, oh, they're cool. They're awesome. But at the same time, you make sure that I'm straight. Yeah, and good. While I'm checking on them, because it's so easy to get lost. And someone else yeah, and lost on someone else's dream and start to. I mean, I remember it was a time where you call me out like, Yo, you never wanted to do this kind of stuff. You always had a dream of building on and you just stopped. Yeah, and it made me sit back and it's like paying. Well, he called me all I had to reflect on personally,

Namon  20:51  
I call you out because see, when I look up to you as my big brother that's that's like the the major thing you know, your success, you know, has something to do with my success because I look up to you. So your level of success when you peak when you get there. I want to like how am I gonna get there? So you want to get though is competition is competition, but it's it's competing? Like, yeah, I want to be better than you. You know what I mean? But that's not me saying like, I don't want you to stop being great. That's like, dang, like, I want you to be better. And I want to try and get better than that. Constantly prepare, you push me to my max, so you can try to catch up. Exactly. I mean, it goes back to like video games and stuff like that, like, oh, yeah, like, when I borrow I remember borrowing Street Fighter from you just so I could meet you, man, just so I could beat you. I borrow that game. And I played it legitimately day and night and I practice you got so much better at it. I didn't. I was practicing all day. Like I wasn't doing anything else. I was doing playing Street Fighter, it was a coma. And I'm the what you call it was the best strike the death strike. And I was practicing it there strike when I got it. I was like, Oh, it was like that part in the movie, you know? This time? You know, but that's what it was. And then when I did it, man was epic. But I wasn't ready for it. Exactly. You

Richard Dodds  22:12  
think about it. It's like I wasn't ready for that level of growth, because that's something that I've just done. And that's something that I've practiced for a long time. And then you came home like, all right, like, I'm gonna have to step it up. Right? So push me to be better. Like, I had to change my strategy. Because like, do you straight up copy.

Namon  22:30  
And that's and that's, that's what I'm saying. It's like, literally, like how you play video games is how I am, you know, everything that you do your success I admired. I'm like, Man, I gotta figure out how I got it. I got to get like this. Because the thing is, you we don't like as black men. It's not often that we have like, you know, a black man or somebody who look up to them, You know what I mean? And that's like, just being real. It's not often we have like successful black men that are our age. You know what I mean? That are doing things that we want to do promoting and you know, entertainment, whatever. assessable. Exactly, that are 100%. So it's like, it's for me seeing you do as like, I love it. So when you do some silly, I call you out because it's like, Nah, you call me out. I know, I know what we talked about when, you know, using the tortoise and the sable and all. I noticed stuff that we talked about then. And the flip is like, we talked about so many different things. You know what I mean? As far as like success and where we wanted to be, and you're preparing. You're taking that thing. So I'm like, You know what, let's go. I want to get up there. Do I want to I want to run with you. So I mean, that's that's the reason behind me. Like catching you.

Richard Dodds  23:48  
Yeah, definitely does that will bring me great joy. Like I just love seeing you start to walk is things that you've accomplished that I push you like I remember pushing you to finish certain things and do certain things. And when you actually do it, that brings me so much joy just to like, I don't take responsibility for it. But just to be a part of it. Like just to be a part of it brings me joy, because I'm helping you to build your arm, for sure. And that's like, I just want to be there and I want to see you. Ah, booja booja old castle, you know what I mean? Because sometimes I get tired of my castle when it comes to New York for

Namon  24:23  
sure. Exactly. And that's it. That's she that's the best to go just build it man building that way. You know, like I say, it's like Street Fighter we both competing to be great. And that's, that's 100% dope, you know what I mean? Because there's not a lot of people that you want to compete with, because it's like, hey, you know, after the round is over, they not gonna do nothing. They go, you know, be defeated.

Richard Dodds  24:45  
They just take that URL and IV Exactly. But when you gave me that URL, I was like, it ain't supposed to be like this

Namon  24:51  
is like this is not gonna work. I was like, all right.

Richard Dodds  24:54  
I'm going back to the drawing board. I'm getting new strategies. I'm pulling out character so I use a play. This is a this is a video Again, by the way, in a Street Fighter, most people have heard of it, because it's pretty, it's been around for a long time. And it's really it was really popular. So it's a fighting game. And it's different characters that have different fighting styles. It was two characters that I used to play with. And you learn both of my characters like verbatim the way that I played them. Yeah, so I was like, I ended up going and like grabbing new characters. And instead of knowing, like two characters in and out, like I had to, it's like, alright, you know, my two characters in and I gotta learn, go learn eight characters and

Namon  25:30  
some reserved,

Richard Dodds  25:31  
yeah, I didn't. And so I didn't think about that as it related to life. But it makes a lot of sense. And I always felt like you are one of the reasons why I want to be so successful is just because I know that you're watching, and I know that if I push that you will push to Yep, that's it. And that's always that always miss meant a lot to me just knowing that like, oh, like, I don't do this, and they might not ever do this, and that. And it's like, I can't have that.

Namon  25:55  
Yeah, I feel you I'm with it. Because like I say, I mean it, if we can find some way to both prepare. And that's it. Honestly, your your your success and your movement that that forces me to do more?

Richard Dodds  26:07  
Yeah. Well, what is the big thing that you want to do next?

Namon  26:12  
I mean, I've always just wanted to do music at the end of the day. So I want to create, I want to I want to produce it. And that's pretty much it. I mean, maybe a clothing line. Maybe something like that. Maybe I opened up my own coffee shop, you know, little, little, little, little real estate? I don't know, it's it's a lot of things that I actually want to do. But I mean, more or less, just just finding some financial stability and doing what I love.

Richard Dodds  26:41  
Yeah, I feel like one of the things that you've done well over the last couple years was trying to make sure that your basis straight, making sure that your foundation is good, so that you can start building on top of and a half solid, solid ground. It's like you kind of remind me some of the advantages that I had growing up, like, you know, even though we're in the same, you know, family, like we had different parents with some of the advantages that I had afforded me different opportunities that you got, for sure. And then looking at those opportunities, that makes me grateful, and I try to help you in any way that I can, knowing that I had a hand up as well. Yeah, that's because whatever situation you're in, it could be better. It always be better. Always be worse. Oh,

Namon  27:20  
man, I tell everybody that like a good lady come in this door is I'm having a terrible day. Trust me. Heavily viewers. Definitely get worried this only 12 Afternoon.

Richard Dodds  27:32  
Yeah, so I'm just you, you are really talented. You know what I mean. And I think the one of the things that we've talked about a lot is making sure that the thing is that we are talented, and we just don't let them rest. So that's why I never let you rest with the music just because, you know, like it was his program. I'm not gonna say the name of it, but it's a program that I gave him when we were younger. And it was a music program. And he started with that program. And I remember when he first started sending me beats and stuff like that. This was not

Namon  28:05  
the other day, man was that that was back in what?

Richard Dodds  28:08  
That was like 2000 Oh, that was like 21 years ago.

Namon  28:13  
Oh, it was so true. Telling people I was making beats,

Richard Dodds  28:18  
and he was like, oh, man, I'm about to be dope and keep working at it. But the thing is, you kept working at it. And the stuff that you make now I'm like, yo, this is like fire you make awesome music. Thank you. And I still want to push you I still want you to finish your EP. I know that you still don't I still want to see you finished mastering your craft with DJ. Yeah, yeah, especially when the world starts to open back up. But it'd be great to see the DJ blues on all ones and to

Namon  28:47  
be on the ones and twos 100% Man I ain't gonna lie. I mean, but that's that's just a part of it. That's the cake. That's the that's the part of this machine. We brought it to cake now you know what I mean? We'll see you now we're back to cake comparing being another man and yourself to to cake and icing. Oh, I can see what it does is kind of kind of strange. But in this situation Starsky and Hutch, or do we got it there we go. This situation that cake would be the DJ, you know, once everything opens back up, I'm I'm, I'm making slap, I got some ideas and some, some things that I want to switch around. I mean, I want to do a whole lot of collaborations with different artists and things like that, too. So I'm just working on it. And I guess that goes back to one of the other things we were talking about. I do want to do a lot with a lot of people. But I need to choose the type of people that I want to work with. So it's not always easy for me to open up my ideas and open up my heart to someone new, especially when it comes to my crafts. Yeah, that's a hard part.

Richard Dodds  29:53  
That's something that we kind of talked about before just because certain people will end up instead of pushing you like kind of me and you we push each other away. Want to elevate each other? Yeah. And I could be doing bad. And I could still want to do to be doing well, and that and it could be vice versa. And it's like, Y'all don't horrible right now. But I want to push you to still be better. And being around other people, some people are I remember something that we had talked about, it's like you were pushing for something, and you started to see some success. And then somebody told you like, don't do that. And then you stopped. Yeah. And it was like, really no reason for you to stop. But you stopped. And just because having the wrong person around you saying the wrong thing changed the path that you were on, and that particular moment, and then sometimes it takes a while to regain yourself. But I will say always make sure that you got people around you who have your best interests at heart, because sometimes when people can't do something, that's who said, I think it was, Jay Z, Jay Z said that, you know, when he was trying to do what he was doing, the people in his head was telling him that he couldn't do it. Nobody done it before. You can't do it like that. That's not the way that you can do it. But he's saying just because you can't do it. Don't put your insecurities on me and say that I can't just because you didn't do it doesn't mean that I won't. Yeah. And I feel like a lot. I feel like both of us have done some pruning and our relationship, our personal relationships with people that surround us. And I feel like the as we move small now, it's like such a small circle. Yeah, that's not really that many people who are around us in that capacity now, and the people around us are a one. And it's the people who when you tell them that you've done something great, even if they do something bad, they're still there, right? Are you on like,

Namon  31:31  
like Dave, I say Dave is one of those. And Dave will always be my day one. Dave is the type of friend and I always make fun of him. Because I mean, that's, that's what I do. Everyone, but I always make fun of Dave. But one thing I absolutely love about this guy, and I'm gonna say this is a funny thing. I took Dave a stack of fake $100 Bill and his level of belief in me like I was like, Man, I just hit done. And I he was like, Oh, really? So I was like, I was cracking up the whole time. I think I filmed it. I can't remember. But I was cracking up the whole time. But it was just like I had told him I was like, Well, you know, you gotta dance like a teapot. And I'll give you another 100 bucks. I was crazy. So the funny thing about it is like you were talking about the people in our circle near his, his belief in me, was like, he believed he believes he knows me. He knows me. He knows I'm a I'm a goofy person. He knows it was unrealistic. And the money did say like, movie props. But I mean, that's, that's the thing. That's our circle, though.

Richard Dodds  32:41  
I just listened to an interview with Tobey Maguire. I don't know who that is. I tried to use it. Don't pick out the song. That the thing is okay. Yeah. Um, so he was saying that the people that he keeps his circle as family. And he said, the thing about family is that you can say you can be honest with them and correct them without them being mad at you. And I want to talk to you. Yeah, so it's like, the thing is, is that you could tell me, you could tell me, you could tell Dave, you could tell other people in our circle. Something like I could tell you like UDAs B is not quite there. And you be like, I feel you because I know that's not coming from a place of hate. And we family right now you're looking out for the best me. And just keeping people like that has meant so much to me, especially in these labs. This this year, this year is flying by live this year is just as important just because it's so easy to get down. And if you got other people, if you got people to sit down, they just go and drag you with him. And I felt like even when we've been down we've done our best to keep each other uplifted. Yeah. And that has been so important. And I feel like that's one of the ways that even when we don't agree with what the other person is doing or move that other person is making this like hey, that's for sure. It's like Hey, I love you. I was like I don't necessarily agree with this. But you know, I got your back 100% Like if you need something I'm with you even though I don't agree with it

Namon  34:05  
I need some other sad words but

Richard Dodds  34:08  
but yeah, so I don't even know if a lot of people that the instrumental that we play at the beginning in the end of every all 52 episodes that came from you, you actually created that I did and and um, for me like what I'm doing is I'm working on I want to make a I'm in a process I've actually started making a multimedia network and the next podcast and I'm working on which might actually be out by the time that you hear this. But the next podcast I'm working on I actually the intro and outro music and other music that's gonna be in it is gonna be coming from the DJ blue. Okay, so you know, he's already given me some tracks like he sends me tracks all the time and I just kind of I don't know if you noticed I have a Dropbox Box folder with all of the beats did you send me this chocolate man? It's like, well, I need this for one day. And I was like, oh by the users you like cool. So it's saw like I say I'm Picasso me so the DJ blue is the one that made the intro outro music so you can see automaty years because that that kind of get that intro outro music get stuck in your head.

Namon  35:11  
Yeah, little bit. Yeah, but that's what I do I get stuck in your head.

Richard Dodds  35:17  
Go I don't know if that's a good thing or not,

Namon  35:19  
it's not a good thing to be CAGR icing. You're cool with that. I don't I don't see how that's different here.

Richard Dodds  35:30  
That's hilarious. So one of the things that I really liked that we've done once some of the episodes some of my favorite episodes of oneness, spin me, you, Catherine and Kendra, those of them we did I think we did that three or four times. That's not a lot of fun. So we might end up doing not not probably not every week show, but we might end up doing like a little mini series with them. Um, just look for other stuff that's going to possibly be potentially come on. I mean, we're not stopping we're just doing different things. We're just not going to have the energy to do this one. Yeah, every week like we have, man because I don't know if you understand if y'all have ever done anything like this, y'all might think it was just talking. It takes a lot of work.

Namon  36:06  
It takes a lot of work. Because it takes it takes a block like me personally is I don't do all I do is show up. But we have to plan schedules we got heard about when one of the you know, we're not balling yet. You know, Mr. Moneybags, don't have the luxury to stay at omega. But

Richard Dodds  36:30  
you know, it just like just thinking about just producing an episode just is so much planning that goes into it, and then doing the scheduled and doing the pre production to post production and then getting it out and then doing a promotion and everything for it. It's just a monumental task. So we kind of just switching gears on the things that we're doing. And the good thing about it is that name is still my brother. And today, we could just pop on at any time and just drop by episode if we just want to record a conversation that we have, because we still gonna be having these conversations. Yeah. 100% I feel like it's not too much and relationships that we have not touched.

Namon  37:06  
Relationships, I want to talk about some new ones you want to talk about, I don't know. Other stuff. Not relationship,

Richard Dodds  37:15  
relationship, everything. You know, I mean, so everything is a relationship.

Namon  37:19  
If you think about it, well, not necessarily you. I mean, we've we've touched on bases of every different aspect of relationship. But we haven't touched on, you know, big booty women.

Richard Dodds  37:31  
Don't well, you should probably keep your hands on a couple of

Namon  37:38  
big booty women keep me You know, I mean, we've we've touched on just a lot of, you know, relationship stuff. Yeah. Like, you know, boyfriend girlfriend isn't? Hey, I'm Bob. I'm interested in talking about something else. Anything else?

Richard Dodds  37:52  
I think we if we end up coming back with some relationship stuff, and I have to be some super uncut stuff, like, how do you feel about polyamorous relationships?

Namon  38:01  
It's all about polygamy. Let's go ahead and talk about the Amish.

Richard Dodds  38:06  
Are you cool with Sister Wives?

Namon  38:09  
We just have a whole tea break. Man, I've been watching I'm Breaking Amish and I've got like a whole nother respect for people who break Amish. They cook a lot, right? That's like a fourth or fifth grade level, but I respect them like 100% because they try and do stuff that you know, like they for instance, they'll be like 26 and 27 There's one chick she broke Amish she became like a model fashion designer what I write like what

Richard Dodds  38:42  
you know made me watch this show. It's really good. Like I mean if you're not familiar with how much isn't it doesn't go down at a certain age you take like it's kind of like I don't know. It was a it was a

Namon  38:53  
springer Ross manga Yeah, so they can leave and you know be while it's not even leave, they go to parties and but you go

Richard Dodds  38:59  
you go in you do your own thing. And then you have to decide whether or not you want to go back to that

Namon  39:03  
life. So no, that's not rum. Springer. Spring is just basically going out and party and they get an opportunity to do what they want. Okay, they're not leaving Amish, but leaving the Amish you know, they can go and they can, you know, wear their Amish clothes. But if they do anything and break the rules, they can be shunned, or banished. Man, it's a great show, man. It's a great show.

Richard Dodds  39:29  
But yeah, so we're me. I'm just going to continue working on all the things I've been working on. I'm gonna be on other people's shows as well. But I am building out a show right now. And like I said, hopefully by the time that this comes together, and by the time you listen to it, the show will be out and if it is out by that time, I will put something at the end of this show so you can get like a little sample of it. But you know, I'm planning on doing more stuff, but it's just getting it down and having time to do it because you only have so much time in the day. And this takes a lot of time. Yeah, it does. But it's definitely been worth it from a learning experience. And like, again, I know we always say this all the time. Anytime it comes to relationships, whether it's a friendship, whether it is a parent and a child, or their siblings, whether it's a romantic relationship, or relationships really centered around communication, yeah, how you communicate yourself understanding one another. That's why I love languages are so valuable, because you could be trying to communicate to somebody in a language that they don't understand. And they're not getting what you're trying to give them. Yeah, so communication is always important. And so I will leave, like I was saying, like, communication is so so very important. And whatever, whatever the situation might be. And also, the other thing that I want to say is that I really appreciate that we are really appreciative of everyone who's listening, especially everyone who's been involved, but really everyone who's listening and giving us feedback and interacting with us on social media, because we're 1000s of listens at this point. Yeah. And you know, who you don't necessarily know what you're going to get when you put something out. And we put a lot of ourselves into these episodes. And the fact that people listen, and people respond and people love and like the episodes that we put out, it's very meaningful to us. So we just want to say thank you for being there to support us and being there with us every step of the way. Thank you, for everybody who's been a small are a big part of everything that we've done. We're so appreciative of it. Thanks to our cycling. Everybody who's been on the show and been a part of the show. It really means a lot to us.

Namon  41:42  
Yeah, it does. 110%

Richard Dodds  41:45  
Well, as always, thank you for listening. All of our episodes are still gonna be available. So if this is your first time using your first episode, as you're hearing, we have 51 other episodes you can listen to. And you can always catch up with us on our personal accounts. I'm at das Islam and st odd si es el, and name in this app.

Namon  42:10  
I am the DJ blue,

Richard Dodds  42:12  
and well until next time, boys and girls

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